Graines de Pâtissier

Sirha Lyon 2023 experience

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Graines de Pâtissier is a pastry chef induction programme for young people interested in discovering the trade.

These young people are also a new source of much needed apprentices for pastry chefs.

Our idea was to highlight the apprentice part during the Sirha 2023 in Lyon.

Our idea & proposal

The idea was to 'hide' 3D printed figurines for the chefs to find and invite them to post a photo of themselves and the figurine on instagram.

Each figurine had a short story based on real stories from previous young participants - linked via QR code to their own instagram post.

Since at the Sirha Lyon expo, there were going to be a lot of professional pastry chefs present, we thought the best way to attract their attention is to highlight the apprentice opportunity Graines de Pâtissier offers.

An initial visual to explain the idea

1. Stories

The fascinating part of the induction program is the amazing stories of each participant. We wanted to highlight that by printing individual unique figurines and give them each their own name and story.

A QR code invited people to scan and read the apprentice's story and find out how they can win a week long course at Valrhona's pastry school.

2. 3D printing

The projects existed already, so we decided to use a collage style in the design. This way we could animation the construction of each project that wow's the client as they see this come to life right in front of their eyes. It also helped create a playful and fun unique style to the whole experience.

3. The result

The response from the public was great, and this can be shown on the amount of instagram interactions when compared to the usual activity on the account.

During the Sirha, the representatives of Graines de Pâtissier used the figurines as an excuse to strike out conversations with different pastry chefs. This made gave them the opportunity to speak further in detail about the program and its benefits to the young people as well as the chefs.

Beast Credits

Creative Director & Producer: Bernard Magri
3D modeling: Stéphane Blanchez
3D printing: 8Fablab Crest
3D printing: Fabrico Valence
3D printing: Smart3D Valence

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